Hi everyone.


I’m sure most of you have realized that I’ve fallen off with this blog. I am currently working on a few projects right now. I have been shooting black and white film and still working on my short film when I get the time. Most of you are aware that I work Monday through Friday and that does not allow me much time to be as creative as I would like. Working full time has also made it impossible for me to do commissioned work. Funding has also become an issue. When I decided I would start working on a short film, I had no idea how much money it would cost me in the long run. To even purchase film it is roughly $10 (not including shipping) and $14 a roll to have it developed. This sounds affordable until you do the math and realize that I’ve spent more money paying for this film than I have actually creating it. My lack of planning has ultimately broken my wallet but has also required so much money that I can’t even afford to pay the $50 to keep up with this blog. Currently, I no longer have a domain registered to me (katswansey.com) and instead my blog is now katswansey.wordpress.com. This is excusable because a domain really isn’t that big of a deal, but even my custom CSS has expired tacking on an extra $30 to this project.


I can deal without having a fancy blog. After all, it’s not as important to me as finishing my projects. My projects are currently at a stand still until I can save enough money (again) to pay all of this off. It’s really upsetting to think that I may not be able to complete this project. After all, I’ve worked really hard and I have dedicated a lot of time to this. I hate asking for handouts, but if anyone is interested, you can donate to my Paypal account. Even a dollar helps. I would be incredibly grateful. If you donate, please send me your address so I can mail you a cool postcard or some kind of watercolor art I’ve created.

You can click here to donate through Paypal:

You rock and thanks for your support, even if you can’t donate. It’s honestly just cool even getting to talk to some of you.




An idea of what it’s like every time I use my Lomo to film:

Yep, that’s my hair stuck in the wand. I have to remove hair a few times a week.

Just thought I’d share!


I just picked up two rolls of film from Precision Camera today. This means I will spend the rest of my evening scanning, cropping, and moving things around. If all goes as planned, I will be 30 seconds away from completing my short film. 


Until then, here’s a little spoiler:

Wish me luck!


Progress is being made. I have 58 seconds of my film completed so far. The whole film will be roughly 2 minutes and 45 seconds. I’m really excited about completing this project and I can’t wait for it to be finished. 

A clip from my film

Here is a small clip from the short film I have been working on. I am planning to have it out by April. Thoughts?

Drunk People

The title describes these photos pretty accurately. Drunk people taking pictures of other drunk people, drinks, drunk people posing for pictures, people in the process of getting drunk, and pictures taken after a night of drinking.

Click the photo to view photos from the sets.

Good News!

Two days ago I developed my first roll of film for my short movie and I have started scanning! This is time consuming and requires a lot of money and patience. But I am excited. I don’t think anyone understands what I’m trying to do but I am not letting it discourage me. Getting film developed is the first step and now I’m on to step two. Wish me luck!

On a side note, I got some other work developed this week and I’ll be posting that sometime this week. Don’t get your hopes up too high – they are… terrible, to say the least.


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